Showcase your Property

Here is your chance!  Showcase your community in the 2016 Texas Affordable Housing Magazine, details below.

TAAHP would like to feature your property in the 2017 edition of the Texas Affordable Housing Magazine.  Featuring your property showcases your success and serves as a marketing tool and a way to educate elected officials and the public on the high quality of affordable housing communities being developed throughout the State of Texas by TAAHP members.

We were pleased with the 15+ submissions we received last year from our members and are looking forward to continuing this feature as a benefit of membership.  Our goal is to tell the world about the Texas affordable housing industry‚Äôs contribution to jobs and economic development, as well as provide quality affordable housing for Texans with limited incomes and special needs.  We have two requirements for your submissions-you must provide professional photography and 30% of your photos must include your residents in addition to exterior and interior pictures.

YOU are a huge part of the success the State of Texas has experienced over the past 26 years and we want to showcase your hard work in the 2016 Texas Affordable Housing Magazine.

Is your file too large to upload? If so, mail or overnight your information at the highest possible resolution on either disc or thumb drive to TAAHP, 221 E. 9th Street, Suite 408, Austin, TX 78701

All submissions must be received on or before April 3, 2017

Your contribution to the Texas Affordable Housing Magazine is appreciated!  The magazine will enjoy a shelf life far beyond the Texas Housing Conference in July 2017.

Thanks for your time, energy and effort on this request. 

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