• Annual Conference Committee
    The Annual Conference Committee will be responsible for recommending all matters relating to the TAAHP Annual Conference to the Board of Directors for their approval. Responsibilities include venue, budgeting, sponsorship solicitation, programming, educational components, speakers, conference theme, evaluations of prior year conference. They will also be responsible for nominating an Annual Conference Chair for approval by the Board of Directors. This committee will be the working group for putting on the Annual Conference and may appoint additional members as needed to be on the subject Conference Committee. (Ex. 2010 Conference Committee will be comprised of this committee plus others as identified)
  • Board of Directors
    Corporate Governance
    TAAHP is governed by a 17 member Board of Directors elected by TAAHP Primary members. Directors serve three-year, staggered terms and may serve two consecutive terms. The nomination process begins in April, elections are held in early July and new directors are announced at the Texas Housing Conference. The Board elects officers annually, including a president, president-elect, first vice president, second vice president, treasurer and secretary. The immediate past president also serves as an officer and member of the board. Other past presidents serve as ex-officio members of the board. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact an officer by April.
  • Education Committee
    The Education Committee will identify educational opportunities required by the industry for delivery to TAAHP Members. The focus of the committee will not only be to create educational seminars but also will review and coordinate with the Annual Conference Committee and Staff in developing the conference educational sessions. One of the goals will be to increase revenue for TAAHP as well as provide professional certification opportunities for a variety of industry specialists. A secondary goal will be to identify programs offered by third parties for membership benefit.
  • Governmental Affairs
    The Governmental Affairs Committee will be responsible for reacting to proposals, monitoring and advancing reforms, promulgating rules, regulations and statutes that advance the members’ welfare and business conditions – all within the state and federal election guidelines. There are 6 sub committees within Governmental Affairs. They are Tax Credit Working Group; Compliance Rules; Real Estate Analysis and Underwriting Rules; Market Analysis, Appraisal Rules, Environmental Assessment Rules and Reserve for Replacement Rules; QAP/AFFA- Policy Scoring Threshold; QAP/ARRA – Technical Terms. These sub-committees are formed at the will of the Board of Directors.
  • Membership Development
    The Membership Development Committee will consider strategies, promotions and required budgets necessary to promote membership growth in TAAHP
  • Nominating Committee
    Responsible for identifying and screening potential board members. They shall present a slate of candidates to the TAAHP Board members 30 days in advance of the Annual Meeting. Candidates are elected by the TAAHP Membership at that meeting. All candidates must give their prior consent before being placed on the ballot. All actions of the nominating committee are outlined in the organization’s Bylaws
  • Personnel Committee
    The Personnel Committee is delegated the authority to determine the ongoing compensation and other financial arrangements of the Executive Director. They shall also oversee Employee Reviews which will be conducted by the Immediate Past President and President on an annual basis.
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